Component Release Notes #19

#19 released on July 11, 2019

This release included updates and bug fixed to the following components:

Jdbc Component

This is an open source component for working with object-relational database management systems on platform

Bugs Fixed:

  • Incorrect parsing of variables
  • Upsert By Primary Key Action now supports null values

Google Spreadsheets component iPaaS component to read and write to Google Spreadsheets

New trigger: Get Spreadsheet Row

Trigger to read the data in each row of a given Google Spreadsheet and passes it to the next step of your integration flow.

New actions:

  • Create new Spreadsheet - Action to create a new Google spreadsheet.
  • Add Spreadsheet Row - Action to create a new Google spreadsheet row

CSV Component

A component to read and write Comma Separated Values (CSV) files

Updated action: Read CSV attachment

New option added: Emit all messages to emit all rows in one message as an array.

Salesforce Component

Integration component for Salesforce API for the iPaaS

Bugs Fixed:

Attachment Object type can not be sent to Salesforce