Component Release Notes #22

#22 released on August 28, 2019

This release included updates and bug fixed to the following components:

SAP ECC (R/3, ERP) Component

This is a new component that communicates with provided SAP ECC (R/3, ERP) system

New Action: Call RFC Service

Action which gives possibility to call an RFC function on the SAP ECC (R/3, ERP) platform

Code Component

The holy grail of the platform. A code component for the platform, runs a piece of JavaScript code inside your integration flow

Fixed bugs:

Incorrect message consuming in Code-component is fixed

Database component

This is an open source component for working with object-relational database management systems on platform

New features:

Field for configuration of the connection custom parameters was added to component credentials.

Email Component

Email component for the platform

New features:

Retry in case of problems with retrieving attachments

Shopware Component

Shopware component for the platform

New Action: Upsert Object Action

Action creates a new object or update object which already exists by provided ID. This action makes POST request when get message body without id to create new entity and PUT request when get message body includes id to update existing object.


The REST API component is a simple yet powerful iPaaS integration component that allows you to connect to any REST API without programming your own components and deploying them into the platform.

New features: Rebound on REST HTTP timeouts

Retry on failure option enables rebound feature for following HTTP status codes:

  • 408: Request Timeout
  • 423: Locked
  • 429: Too Many Requests
  • 500: Internal Server Error
  • 502: Bad Gateway
  • 503: Service Unavailable
  • 504: Gateway Timeout
  • DNS lookup timeout