Component Release Notes #23

#23 released on September 12, 2019

This release included updates and bug fixed to the following components:

SAP byDesign Component iPaaS component that provides an opportunity to interact with SAP byDesign API. SAP byDesign API integration with

New Trigger: Get New And Updated Objects Polling

At the moment only few object types are supported:

  • Query Materials
  • Query Sales Orders
  • Query Accounts

Fixed bugs:

  • Password input field should be PasswordFieldView (input is hidden)
  • Authorization failed due to specific symbols in Username or Password

WebHook Component

An open source component for sending and receiving WebHooks on platform

New features:

Webhook now includes an additional information in response message:

  • msg.headers
  • msg.url
  • msg.method

REST-API Component

The REST API component is a simple yet powerful iPaaS integration component that allows you to connect to any REST API without programming your own components and deploying them into the platform.

New features

  • Code was refactored: new methods are implemented
  • has been updated

CSV Component

A component to read and write Comma Separated Values (CSV) files.

New features:

In order to keep the component updated and to follow best practices, it was migrated from Travis CI to CircleCI Component code was refactored (dependencies update)