Component Release Notes #31

#31 released on January 16, 2020

This release contains a list of components that have been upgraded to the latest Sailor version, uses new logger and get Docker build type from now on:

  • AWS S3 Component
  • Batch Component
  • Component with 3 scheduled executions
  • Configuration Component
  • Content-Based Router Component
  • CSV Component
  • Exact Online Component
  • Filter Component
  • Google Spreadsheets Component
  • Handshake Component
  • Heartbeat Component
  • MailChimp Component
  • Petstore API (Node.js) Component
  • PostgreSQL Component
  • REST API Component
  • Salesforce Component
  • SFTP Component
  • Component
  • Splitter Component
  • Timer Component
  • Transformation Component
  • Zoho Subscriptions Component

SAP R3 Component

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New features

  • New RFC Server trigger has been introduced. It is a generic trigger which gives possibility to receive RFC calls from the SAP ECC platform.