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AppDirect Component

AppDirect Component

AppDirect component is designed for AppMarket API integration.


This component uses v2 version of API which described at AppMarket API Reference.


Authentication occurs via OAuth 2.0. To make OAuth work, you need a new App in your Environment.

Configuring your environment

Here is how to configure your environment:

  1. Login to your environment.
  2. Follow to Manage –> Marketplace –> Setting –> API Clients –> Create API Client.
  3. Create a new API Client:
    • Specify Name of client.
    • Enable oauth2 authorization.
    • Select “Authorization Code” grant type checkbox.
    • Specify the callback URL.

Your Callback URL should be:


Actual Callback URL can be found here.

Warning: To maintain a smooth experience, we recommend reusing stored credentials where possible. Duplicating secrets across OAuth clients can result in errors and complications.

Check that Require API client to request scopes option is disabled in your API Client:

API Client Settings

Click Save Settings. The new API client is created, along with a Consumer Secret and Consumer Key. A message appears that includes the Consumer Secret and a warning that you should copy and store the secret in a safe location because it cannot be retrieved after the message is dismissed.

You can use Create API clients manual for additional information.


  • Environment URL - The Url of your AppDirect environment. For example
  • Consumer Key - Consumer Key which you received during API client configuration step.
  • Consumer Secret - Consumer Secret which you received during API client configuration step.

Creating credentials

  • Specify Environment URL (without http:// or https:// prefixes).
  • Specify Consumer Key.
  • Specify Consumer Secret.
  • Click “Authenticate”.
  • Specify your Email and Password and click “Log In”.
  • After getting a “Success” notification save your credentials.


AppDirect component includes the following triggers:

  1. Webhook subscription. Webhooks are notifications that the AppDirect platform can send to Integration. Flow when certain events occur in the system.


  1. Create Object
    Create Object in AppDirect Environment.

  2. Update Object
    Update Object in AppDirect Environment.

  3. Create Entity
    Create Entity in AppDirect Environment.

  4. Update Entity
    Update Entity in AppDirect Environment.

  5. Lookup Object By ID
    Get an object by its type and id from AppDirect Environment.

  6. Lookup Objects
    Get objects by criteria.

  7. Delete Object By ID
    Delete object by its type and id from AppDirect Environment.

  8. Enable/Disable company membership
    Enable or disable marketplace user’s company membership.

  9. Invite company membership
    Add a user as a member of a marketplace company.

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