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Bazaarvoice component

Bazaarvoice component

A SaaS software for retailers that allows them to add product reviews, ratings, and more.


Here are the credentials necessary to authenticate with the Bazaarvoice:

  • apiUri - for Conversations API
  • apiKey - for Conversations API
  • curationsApiUri - for Curations API
  • curationsApiKey - for Curations API


This component has no trigger functions. This means it will not be accessible to select as a first component during the integration flow design.


  1. Retrieve reviews
    Action returns Reviews and Rating and related data.

  2. Submit review
    Action submit reviews on a product.

  3. Retrieve products
    Action returns Product data.

  4. Retrieve categories
    Action returns Categories and related data.

  5. Retrieve statistics
    Action returns Product-based Review Statistics.

  6. Retrieve comments
    Action returns comments posted on reviews.

  7. Submit question
    Action submit questions on a product.

  8. Submit answer
    Action submit answers on questions.

  9. Submit comment
    Action submit a comment on a review.

  10. Submit photo
    Action upload photos for a review, question or answer.

  11. Submit feedback
    Action submit feedback on a review, comment, question, answer.

  12. Retrieve curations content
    Action returns social content collected by Bazaarvoice.