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CSV component

CSV component

A simple file format used to store tabular data, for example from a spreadsheet or a database.

How works

The component can read the CSV file from a remote URL or from the message attachment. It can also write a CSV file from the incoming events.

Technical Notes

The technical notes page gives some technical details about CSV component like changelog.


Environment variables

Name Mandatory Description Values
EIO_REQUIRED_RAM_MB false Value of allocated memory to component Recommended: 512/1024
REQUEST_TIMEOUT false HTTP request timeout in milliseconds Default value: 10000
REQUEST_RETRY_DELAY false Delay between retry attempts in milliseconds Default value: 7000
REQUEST_MAX_RETRY false Number of HTTP request retry attempts Default value: 7
REQUEST_MAX_CONTENT_LENGTH false Max size of http request in bytes Default value: 10485760
TIMEOUT_BETWEEN_EVENTS false Number of milliseconds write action wait before creating separate attachments Default value: 10000

Please Note: From the platform version 20.51 we deprecated the component LOG_LEVEL environment variable. Now you can control logging level per each step of the flow.


The component does not require credentials to function.


This component has no trigger functions. This means it will not be accessible to select as a first component during the integration flow design.


  1. Read CSV attachment Read a CSV attachment of an incoming message.

  2. Create CSV From Message Stream Multiple incoming events can be combined into one CSV file with the write CSV action.

  3. Create CSV From JSON Array Incoming array can be converted into one CSV file with the write CSV action.


  1. You may get Component run out of memory and terminated. error during run-time, that means that component needs more memory, please add EIO_REQUIRED_RAM_MB environment variable with an appropriate value (e.g. value 1024 means that 1024 MB will be allocated) for the component in this case.
  2. You may get Error: write after end error, as a current workaround try increase value of environment variable: TIMEOUT_BETWEEN_EVENTS.
  3. Maximal possible size for an attachment is 10 MB.
  4. Attachments mechanism does not work with Local Agent Installation.

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