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Dun-and-bradstreet component

Dun-and-bradstreet component

D&B is a corporation that provides information on commercial credit and reports on businesses.

Environment variables

Component requires at least 1GB of RAM to work correct:

Set env variable EIO_REQUIRED_RAM_MB to 1024

How to insert env variable into platform:

  1. Navigate to ‘Developers’ tab
  2. Choose your component Repository. Here you should already have your component pushed to the platform.
  3. Click the link You can configure your environment variables here.
  4. Under ‘Create a new environment variable’ input ‘EIO_REQUIRED_RAM_MB’ as Name and ‘1024’ as Value.
  5. Click ‘Add’.


Access to the D&B Direct web services are secured by a Username and Password combination. D&B will issue your organization a production username upon completion of the contract establishment process. This username will be sent to the email address designated on the contract, along with instructions for setting up the password. This process will also be followed for production trial requests.

Note: in some cases your developer account must be registered as US located one. As soon as some services are not available in other countries.

How to insert credentials into platform:

  1. Settings -> Security credentials -> Dun and Bradstreet -> Add New Credential

  2. Enter Name of account.

  3. Enter your Username and Password.

  4. Click on “Verify”.

  5. Click on “Save”.

Technical Notes

The technical notes page gives some technical details about Dun-and-bradstreet component like changelog.


This component has no trigger functions. This means it will not be accessible to select as a first component during the integration flow design.


  1. Business Background Report

  2. Business Information Report

  3. Cleanse and Standardize

  4. Compact report

  5. Comprehensive report

  6. Detailed Company Profile

  7. Find Competitors

  8. Get Cleanse Match

  9. Get Company News

  10. Know Your Vendor - Global Data

  11. Match

  12. People/Contact Profile

  13. Ratings & Trends

  14. Search & Build-a-List - Company

  15. Small Business Match

  16. Small Business Company & Owner Risk Profile

  17. Small Business Risk Insight

  18. Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating

  19. Supplier Risk

  20. Viability Rating

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Business Background Report documentation

Cleanse and Standardize documentation

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Find Competitors documentation

GetCleanseMatch documentation

Get Company News documentation

Know Your Vendor - Global Data documentation

Match documentation

People/Contact Profiles documentation

Search & Build-a-List - Company documentation

Small Business Match documentation

Small Business Company & Owner Risk Profile documentation

Small Business Risk Insight documentation

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Supplier Risk documentation

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