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Flow Linking  component

Flow Linking component

A component to connect Flows

General information

Environment variables

No need to set up any environment variables manually.

However, the component needs next environment variables:



  • Shared Secret (string, required): A value to be used to authenticate all HTTP calls.


Receive trigger from another flow

This trigger allows you receive and validate request from other actions.

Note: You can use the HTTP Reply component with the Reply action as the last step of the flow to get a result of the execution.

Output Metadata

  • Body from the request (Object, required).


Trigger another flow

This action allows you to trigger another flow with request body.

Note: There are no limits on the number of flows that trigger the same flow with the Receive trigger.

Input Metadata

  • Flow Name to Call (String Enum, required): A single flow from a list of flows that have the “Flow Linking Component” as the trigger within the current workspace.

    Note: Enum is only available if flows amount < 100. In other case input name by yourself.

  • Data to transfer (Object, required): JSON object containing data to send into the next flow.

Output Metadata

  • Response (Object, required): Response of triggering request.

Known limitations

  • Receive trigger from another flow has a restriction on receiving a sample, you need to provide it manually. Safely ignore the following error "Shared Secret" is not valid!.
  • Flow matching should be done by Name. If the number of matching flows is not exactly 1, then an error will be thrown.
  • Flow Name to Call lists all flows that contains Flow Linking Component technical trigger name - receiveTrigger.

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