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Ldap component

Ldap component

A protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an IP network.

Technical Notes

The technical notes page gives some technical details about Ldap component like changelog.


This component has no trigger functions. This means it will not be accessible to select as a first component during the integration flow design.


Performs an LDAP search operation on the instance.

Search action

  • Base refers to the base object in the directory from which to start the search.
  • Filter allows you to specify one or more LDAP filters to restrict the results of the search.
  • Scope refers to the search scope. Options are base, one or sub (sometimes called baseObject, singleLevel or wholeSubtree respectively). The subordinates (a.k.a. subordinateSubtree) scope is not yet supported.

Each matched result is returned individually.


This component has some integration tests. In order to run the integration tests, one needs to create a .env file which contains the following environment variables:

LDAP_URL=<URL To Test Instance>
LDAPUSER=<User For Test Instance>
PASSWORD=<Password For Test Instance>
BASE=<Search Criteria which should match exactly 4 results>

Configuration Info

Required environment variables

No environment variables need to be configured.

Version and compatibility information

This component interacts with LDAP v3.

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