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Magento2 component


Magento v2 component for the platform.

Every form of actions is generated from appropriate Magento2 API endpoint JSONschema.

sku is product identifier


auth with:

  • username
  • password


  • Upsert Product
    • request JSON schema: /lib/schemas/
    • It makes partial update of product, so this action can be used to update any thing related to product without the need to insert all the data of product.
    • to create product (using upsertProduct action) you need to send not only sku parameter, but also name, attribute_set_id and price.
  • Create Link
    • request JSON schema: /lib/schemas/
  • Update Link
    • request JSON schema: /lib/schemas/
    • partial update can be used
  • Update Inventory
    • request JSON schema: /lib/schemas/
    • partial update can be used
  • Delete Product
    • request JSON schema: /lib/schemas/

Known limitations

Current component version was tested with Magento2 v2.1.14. –°orrect component behavior is not guaranteed for other Magento2 versions.