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Magento 2 Component

Magento2 component

A component to work with Magento 2.


The main purpose of the component is to integrate an external system with the Magento version 2 e-commerce platform.

Every form of actions is generated from appropriate Magento2 API endpoint JSONschema. The component is currently compatible with only v2.3 of the API, since v2.2 was deprecated by Magento in December 2019. We only support Magento minor versions that have been released in 2019, i.e. Magento v2.3.1 - 2.3.4.

sku - stock keeping unit is product identifier.


The main purpose of the component is integration some external system with e-commerce platform Magento version 2

Technical Notes

The technical notes page gives some technical details about Magento2 component like changelog and completeness matrix.


There is implemented token-based authentication in component.

  1. Admin Token authorization: for this option username and password fields are required, Integration Token field should be empty. A token is generated for each request.

  2. Integration Token authorization: for this option Integration Token field is required, username and password fields should be empty.

Minor Version of Magento

Dropdown list with a minor version of Magento 2. It is currently only possible to select version 2.3. Required field.

Magento Edition

Dropdown list with an edition of Magento 2. It is possible to select Open source or Enterprise edition. Required field.

Instance URL

It is needed to specify url of Magento instance like Required field.


It is needed to specify username. Required in pair with password for Admin Token authorization.


It is needed to specify password. Required in pair with username for Admin Token authorization

Integration Token

It is needed to specify integration token. Required for Integration Token authorization

Environment variables

Name Mandatory Description Values
BULK_EXTRACT_PAGE_SIZE false Define max page for one call in Bulk Extract trigger Integer, default is 1000

Please Note: From the platform version 20.51 we deprecated the component LOG_LEVEL environment variable. Now you can control logging level per each step of the flow.


Magento2 component includes the following triggers:

  1. Get New and Updated Objects Polling Lookup objects polling trigger.

  2. Bulk Extract Trigger for retrieval of large sets of person and person related data, using bulk Marketo API.


Magento2 component includes the following actions:

  1. Custom Request Action Using this actions you can do custom request. You should manually specify method, url and body.

  2. Set Inventory Action This action allows you to set the quantity for an already existing product.

  3. Upsert Product Action You can create new or update existing simple or configurable product and associate with existing child product (for configurable products) using this action.

  4. Set order as shipped Action Using this action you can set your order as shipped.

  5. Set Sales Order External ID This action allows to set or update Sales Order external ID for existing Order.

  6. Create Invoice Action This action allows you to create an invoice for an already existing order using the order’s entity id.

  7. Add Update To Sales Order This action allows to set or update Sales Order status.

  8. Lookup Object by ID This action allows you to search up one of the object types: customer, product or sales order by unique criteria.

  9. Lookup Objects Given a field-value return all matching records.

  10. Lookup Set Of Objects Given an array of information where each item in the array uniquely describes exactly one object, lookup each object.

  11. Set Tiered Prices This action takes an array as input, and therefore can only be used in developer mode.

  12. Upsert Customer Updates a customer, or creates it if it doesn’t exist. To update, you must provide the customer ID and website ID (Associate to Website). To create, do not enter a customer ID; the system will generate one.

  13. Delete Object This action allows you to delete the following object types: customer or product by unique criteria.

  14. Read Store Config Action You can read all the configured stores on a Magento instance (like GET /V1/store/storeConfigs)

  15. Create order Creates an order on behalf of a customer given an existing customer id, or creates an order for a guest user.

Known limitations

  1. Current component version was tested with Magento2 v2.3.4. Correct component behavior is not guaranteed for other Magento2 versions.

  2. Deprecated triggers and actions don’t support Integration Token authorization, only Admin Token authorization.

  3. Currently Magento2 has a bug where encoded URI’s are not recognised and will throw errors. For example if you have some/sku, it will be encoded to some%2Fsku. However, due to the bug this will throw errors. Refrain from using URI’s that have special characters which are meant to be encoded.

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