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Mercado component

Mercado Pago component

A component that connects to Mercado Pago API.


  • App Token (string, required) - Mercado Pago token


Get New And Updated Objects Polling

Polls Mercado API for new and updated objects.

Configuration Fields

  • Object Type - (required, dropdown) Currently supported only Payments object.
  • Time stamp field to poll on - (required, dropdown) Indicates just new or modified items: Created or Modified.
  • The External Reference - (required, dropdown) Needed for the search objects, ID given by the merchant in their system.

Input Metadata

Input metadata is absent for triggers

Output Metadata

Output metadata is generated dynamically and depends on Object Type (for payments see Response parameters)


Make Raw Request

Executes custom request

Configuration Fields

  • Throw error on 404 Response - (—Āheckbox) Treat 404 HTTP responses as errors.

Input Metadata

  • Url - (string, required) Path of the resource relative to the URL base (, required.
  • Method - (string, required) Allowed values GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE. HTTP verb to use in the request.
  • Request Body - (object, optional) Body of the request to send

Output Metadata

  • Status Code - (number, required) HTTP status code of the response, required.
  • HTTP headers - (object, required) HTTP headers.
  • Response Body - (object, optional) HTTP response body.

Lookup Object (at most 1)

Lookup an object by unique criteria

Input field description

  • Object type to Lookup - (dropdown, required) List where you should choose the object type, which you want to lookup. Currently available values: Payments.
  • Search Criteria - (dropdown, required) List where you should choose the criteria with which you want to lookup.
  • Allow criteria to be omitted - (checkbox, optional), if checked - Input for the search ID can be omitted and the empty object will be returned, else - Input for the search ID is required.
  • Allow zero results - (checkbox, optional), if checked and nothing is found - empty object will be returned, else - action throws an error.

Metadata description

  • Input for the search ID - string, value for Search Criteria

Output field description

The matching object

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