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Petstore-nodejs componentt

Petstore-nodejs component

A first step component to deploy into our platform.


A fully working and operational component template to use for starting development of your own component for the platform.. This component comes with a basic architecture which you can use on the platform.

Our documentation on building components in nodejs has more about each including file and their function.

Technical Notes

The technical notes page gives some technical details about Petstore-nodejs component like changelog.


To use this component you must be registered platform user. Please see our home page at to learn how to register.


To authenticate use secret as an API key.


Get Pets By Status

Retrieves pets from the Petstore API by given pet status using Dynamic or Static Data Sample. The difference is how these functions are made. However, both can have the following statuses defined by the Petstore API.

Get Pets By Status

The input fields are:

  • Available - select to get all pets with status Available.
  • Pending - select for Pending.
  • Sold - select for Sold.


Creates a new pet

Creates a new Pet by making a POST to /pet endpoint of the API.

Creates a new pet

The input fields are:

  • name - the name of the pet.
  • status - the status which can have one Available, Pending and Sold values.

File Structure

The structure of petstore-component-nodejs component is quite flexible. Our platform expects only two files to be present in the main directory. These are the component.json and package.json. Our documentation on how to build a component in node.js has more about each file and their function.

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