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Sftp component

SFTP component for the platform

How to use it

Essentially this component has only one trigger that will regularly pull SFTP location of your choice.


Credentials of SFTP component looks like this:


fields above are self-explaining


After configuring (and verifying) the credentials you should configure incoming folder (mandatory). Optionally

How it works

After file is found on SFTP it does following:

  • It moves the file to the (hidden) .platform_processed directory
  • It pulls it and upload (stream) the file to the attachment storage (aka. steward)
  • After upload is completed, READ-URL of the file will be used to generate one message with the content like below:
  "id": "5e00ca80-f2a3-11e6-9fdd-e7b75b43e28b",
  "attachments": {
    "large.xml": {
      "url": "https://steward.address"
  "body": {
    "filename": "large.xml",
    "size": 2508908

next component may just read from the URL in attachment in order to get the memory efficient way to read/parse data. Please note that if multiple files are found, SFTP component will generate one message per file.

NOTE: you may need to consider cleaning up the .platform_processed directory manually


Currently the maximum file size that is accepted by SFTP component is limited to 100 MB.