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Shopware component


This is component for Shopware eCommerce software.

Before you Begin

PLEASE NOTE: This component depends on Shopware REST API extenstions, please install it first before proceeding further.

Query Articles/Products

Shopware has a concept of Artikel in German which their UI translates to Products in English which is available through their API at the /article endpoint. There is a trigger Query Articles which queries for new & updated products. The results are returned in batches of the form

  data: [

The batch size is configurable as a parameter. The batches can be broken up by the JSONata mapper as they proceed to the next step.

The output of this method includes only information about the product. It does not include information about the variants of the article. This information can be obtained by having the Query Articles trigger followed by the Get Article Details By Id action. This action will return all the details for an article including information about the articles variants.

Shopware API Limitations/Improvements

The Shopware API has many shortcomings which limit the ability to use Shopware out of the box. Shopware allows for features to be requested in their issue tracker. Here are some of the feature requests which would allow additional functionality to be built into the component for out of the box functionality.