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Slack component

Slack component

Component is designed to connect with Slack API


To use component you need to create APP than go to OAuth & Permissions section and provide needed Scopes, after that install it to slack Workspace

Component credentials configuration fields:

  • OAuth Token (string, required) - OAuth Tokens for Your Workspace. This token automatically generated when you installed the app to your team.

Please Note: To successfully verify credentials you need to provide access to channels:read scopes


This component has no trigger functions. This means it will not be accessible to select as a first component during the integration flow design.


Lookup Object (at most one)

Lookup a single object by a selected field that uniquely identifies it.

Configuration Fields

  • Object Type - (string, required): Object-type to lookup on. E.g User.
  • Lookup Criteria - (object, required): A list of object parameters that can uniquely identify the object in the database.
  • Allow criteria to be omitted - (boolean, optional): If selected field Lookup Criteria Value becomes optional.
  • Allow zero results - (boolean, optional): When selected, if the object is not found - an empty object will be returned instead of throwing error.

Please Note: To use this action on User Object Type you need to provide access to, users:read scopes User ID can be found in user Profile: image

Input Metadata

  • Lookup Criteria Value - (string, required unless Allow criteria to be omitted is selected): Value for unique search criteria in Lookup Criteria configuration field.

Output Metadata

Object with result of lookup

Make Raw Request

Executes custom request.

Configuration Fields

There is no Configuration Fields

Input Metadata

  • Url - (string, required): Path of the resource relative to the base URL.
  • Method - (string, required): HTTP verb to use in the request, one of GET, POST.
  • Request Body - (object, optional): Body of the request to send.

Output Metadata

  • Status Code - (number, required): HTTP status code of the response.
  • HTTP headers - (object, required): HTTP headers of the response.
  • Response Body - (object, optional): HTTP response body.

Post Message

Implements post message API endpoint.

Configuration Fields

There is noConfiguration Fields

Input Metadata

  • Channel ID - (string, required): ID of channel where user can post message. All available channels can be retrieved by conversation.list API method. Example C03ND7QEN5T
  • attachmentsBlocksText - (object, required): Object with properties attachments, blocks and text. One of these properties is required to describe the content of the message. If attachments or blocks are included, text will be used as fallback text for notifications only. See there.
  • optionalArguments - (object, optional): All possible arguments see there.

Output Metadata

Output metadata include response data from Post Message API endpoint.

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