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Smarty-streets component

Smarty Streets component for platform


Address Verification Products.


Key pairs must be kept secret, so they should not be used on client-side HTML or in client-side applications. Use secret key pairs on server-side code that connects directly to the SmartyStreets API servers. A secret key pair is not limited to any particular hostname like website keys are. A key pair consists of an ID to identify your account and a token which is like a password.

How to insert credentials into platform:

  1. Settings -> Security credentials -> Smarty Streets -> Add New Credential Enter Name of account.

Enter your AuthId and AuthToken. Click on “Verify”. Click on “Save”.


International Address

This page describes how to verify an international address using the SmartyStreets International API.

NOTE: This action can not be accessed from the free (test) account. Hence it can not be tested. You should have a real paid account to use or even test this action.

Request JSON schema src/main/resources/schemas/json/

US Autocomplete

This page describes how to use the SmartyStreets US Autocomplete API.

NOTE: Because the US Autocomplete API relies on the user to know their primary number, the returned suggestions do not necessarily represent valid addresses. These suggestions contain the house number provided as well as a valid street+city+state. Submitting those values to the US Street API will provide the fully validated address if one exists..

Request JSON schema src/main/resources/schemas/json/

US Extract

This action uses the extraction endpoint to find and validate addresses in arbitrary text input.

Request JSON schema src/main/resources/schemas/json/

US Street Address

This action verifies one or more addresses using the SmartyStreets US Street Address API.

Request JSON schema src/main/resources/schemas/json/

US Zip Code

This page describes how to look up and verify city, state, and ZIP Code combinations using the SmartyStreets APIs

Request JSON schema src/main/resources/schemas/json/


No triggers.

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