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SOAP component

SOAP Triggers

SOAP component triggers.

Receive SOAP Request

Webhook that validates input body over WSDL:

Soap triggers - Soap reply

Input fields description

  • WSDL URI - Public URL address of the WSDL
  • Binding - One of the bindings available and described in the WSDL, which you want to use for a SOAP call
  • Operation - One of the operations available for the binding you have selected above.
  • Validation - If Enabled validate the SOAP Body over WSDL, if Disabled does not validate a SOAP Input Body

Example of usage


  • WSDL URI -
  • Binding - CalculatorSoap12
  • Operation - Add
  • Validation - Enabled

Request Body:

<soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soap="">
    <Add xmlns="">


  "Add": {
    "intA": "1",
    "intB": "1"

Current Limitations

  1. Namespaces ignored and SOAP Body with 2 tags that have the same name but in different namespaces would be invalid
  2. SOAP Headers not supported yet
  3. Retrieve Sample does not represent actual behaviour of component

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