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Walmart SC component

Walmart SC component

A component to work with Walmart SC.


The component implements following use cases:

Item Maintenance

  • Create Item. Creates a new item
  • Replace All. Replaces MPProduct and MPOffer information
  • Partial Update. Merges the contents of item

Retrie Item

Completely deactivates and unpublishes an item from the site Feeds

  • Get feed and item status - Returns the feed and item status for a specified Feed ID

For each request Correlation ID must be sent. It is a unique ID to correlate a vendor’s calls with the Walmart system


For authentication user must provide the component with:

  • Consumer ID
  • Private Key
  • Consumer Channel Type These API credentials can be generated from Seller Center


This component has no trigger functions. This means it will not be accessible to select as a first component during the integration flow design.


1. Submit Item

Submit Item

2. Submit Inventory

3. Retire Item

Retire Item

4. Update price

5. Get Feed and Item Status

Get Feed and Item Status

Walmart API references

Detailed information about Walmart API and actual XSD schemas can be referenced from here: Marketplace API Guide

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