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Recipes Feature

This document provides basic information on Recipes and some details of their usage.


A Recipe is, basically, a template for an integration Flow. It allows users to share popular flow patterns without exposing any details. Recipes will be available in a sort of Recipe store, provided they are visible to the user.

Recipes can be created from existing integration Flows, or from scratch. If created from a Flow, the Recipe will contain everything another user needs to recreate the same Flow, except for the non-shareable data. Having configured them, a user can activate the Recipe and recreate a Flow.

Visibility level is set by the Recipe author, and can be Workspace, Contract, Tenant or Global, values that define the space where a Recipe is shared. Setting a certain visibility level requires corresponding permissions.


There may be a few configurables that you’ll need to deal with manually after activating a Recipe:

  • Credentials. Obviously, Credentials are Workspace-bound, so they will not work in another Workspace. The user will need his own Credentials to activate a Recipe.

  • Fields. Certain fields in Components require manual configuration just because you can not use another user’s data, and need to enter your own.

  • Flow Variables. Flow variables are special variables used in Flow metadata to hardcode certain data. They will need to be configured, if used in a Recipe.