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Java Build proces

Supported build tools

What build tools are supported and/or expected, maven, ant or gradle? The Java components for the platform are built by Gradle and so have a typical structure of a Gradle project. Each component has a build.gradle file in its root tree which is used to configure Gradle project, dependencies, plugins, etc. Your build file can be a regular Gradle build file. We require you to define the Java Sailor dependency like:

compile "io.elastic:sailor-jvm:2.1.1"

You can always find the latest Sailor version from the Maven repository.

Sailor is the Java SDK for the platform. It makes your component a citizen of the platform by providing you a simple programming model for components and ensuring a smooth communication with the platform.

Java components are always built with Gradle Wrapper to make sure that we build your component with the same version of Gradle as you did. You must add Gradle wrapper to your project and commit it to Git. You can initialize gradle wrapper with command:

wrapper {
    distributionType = Wrapper.DistributionType.ALL
    gradleVersion = '5.6'

Build Environment variables

Which environment variables are available at build time?

Here is how to define the environment variables for component building process.

Here are the environment variables during the execution that you can use in the component. And here some more:

Variable Name Description
ELASTICIO_COMP_NAME The name of the executed component
ELASTICIO_FLOW_ID ID of the executed flow

If you need the integration component to use and expose an environment variables then you should define them in your component descriptor file (component.json) following way:

"envVars": {
    "required": true,
    "description": "Your Salesforce OAuth client key"
    "required": true,
    "description": "Your Salesforce OAuth client secret"

Then you can get these vars from your code the following way:


Build time available resources

How much resources RAM/CPU is available at build time?

RAM: 512MB RAM CPU: 0.1points