3.10.0 Platform Release

v3.10.0 release date is November 29, 2018.

New Features

  • Introduced an experimental feature, such as keen flows. All steps of the Keen’s flow launch simultaneously as the flow starts and continue running until the flow’s status changes to sleeping.
  • Introduced the UI’s option for defining the CRON’s expression to schedule flow’s executions. This functionality is available under the Settings tab on the Designer page.
  • Made the Node.js SDK for proper RabbitMQ’s disconnection. In case, one of the RabbitMQ’s instances fails or reports errors, the Node.js process terminates immediately and then restarts by the Platform’s orchestrator. Thus the process can reconnect to the already running RabbitMQ’s instance.
  • The workspace_id and workspace_role were added as optional attributes to the POST /v2/contracts/:id/invites endpoint. In case the workspace_id has already been provided, then the workspace_role will be required.

Fixed Bugs

  • You can’t delete any of the security credentials, while it is used in at least one Integration flow.