3.16.0 Platform Release

v3.16.0 release date is May 30, 2019.

Version 3.16.0 is full of new stuff. Let’s see what we added for you in the following sections:

New Features

Check out the improvements in the following subsections:

Performance Boosts

We have made quite a few performance-related improvements. Apart from general optimization of the platform this means that now Flows and Designer pages will work much faster. For once, we will not spam you with boring technical details on this one. You will see the difference.


For your convenience we have set alphabetical ordering for the following:

  • Contracts switcher
  • Components list on Credentials page
  • Credentials list of a certain Component
  • Components list in Designer
  • Credentials of a certain Component in Designer
  • Component’s functions list in Designer
  • Workspace members list
  • Contract members list
  • Workspaces list on the Contract details page
  • Developer Teams list on Contract details page
  • Repositories list on Developer Team page

Additionally, you can now open links in new tabs. You know, those you couldn’t before, like: Workspace link in the left navigation bar, Flow link in the list of flows, Next and Previous links in execution log.

Also, some descriptions and messages are now more clear: mapping description for array mapping, limited Workspace text, etc. Some details here, if you require.

Content-Based Router component now shows branch setup directly after component selection on the first step.


You can now filter data samples by ID in API endpoint GET /v2/data-samples?filter[id]=id1,id2,..,idN An example is here.

If you’re using Content-Based Router component, you’d be glad to know that it can now access passthrough. NOTE: The new version of Content-Based Router component needs to be applied to your installation. Details here.

In the following gendry migration 2019-05-16-set-task-last-start-time.js add flow.lastStartTime where it’s not set. This is essential for the new functionality.

Fixed Bugs

  • Flows older than 1.5 years don’t block Contract deletion any more, provided you run gendry migration 2019-05-02-set-task-currentStatus-for-deleted-status.js

  • Uppercase letters in Service Account username do not break login process anymore.

Technical Stuff

WARNING! Boring technical stuff ahead. Read only if you have to.

Frontend stuff

“Please, configure all steps in order to save the flow” message replaced with alert. It shows in case of non-configured components in a flow.

Other Stuff


curl https://api.elastic.io/v2/data-samples?filter[id]={DATASAMPLE_ID1},{DATASAMPLE_ID2} \
  -u {EMAIL}:{APIKEY} \
  -H 'Accept: application/json'


Let’s say that the first step of flow returns the following data in the sample:

  "fireTime": "2634-02-27T12:50:29.603Z",
  "lastPoll": "2840-04-29T18:20:58.174Z"

If you want these values to be evaluated please use the following expressions: elasticio."step_1".body.fireTime or elasticio."step_1".body.lastPoll