3.17.0 Platform Release

v3.17.0 release date is July 01, 2019.

Version 3.17.0 is full of new stuff. Let’s see what we added for you in the following sections:

New Features

Check out the improvements in the following subsections:


Credentials management is now way better due to a few tweaks. First of all, you can now edit or delete credentials in the Designer. Secondly, you don’t have to verify credentials any more. Of course, verification protects Flows from invalid credentials. However, we thought that the step should be optional. So now you don’t have to spend extra time on credentials verification, if you don’t want to. Check the screenshots below to see how this looks in the UI.

  • When creating new Credentials:

  • when adding new credentials to a Component in a Flow:

Also, we changed the order in step configuration process. Now it goes as follows:

1. Select the Component

2. Choose version (optional)

3. Choose Trigger/Action

3. Choose credential (or choose Agent, if the Component does not have credentials)


Now all Flows will start and stop faster, taking less time between clicking start or stop in the UI, than they did earlier. If you are interested in details, you can find them here.

You can now change metadata for your Platform HTML page, like this.

Additionally, we tweaked scaling a bit, adjusting the mechanism of graceful platform application scaling. This means you won’t get the old deployment/scaling errors.

Fixed Bugs

  • We were totally dedicated to improvements this month, so all the discovered bugs were immediately fixed before going into production.

Technical Stuff

WARNING! Boring technical stuff ahead. Read only if you have to.

Frontend stuff

“Please, configure all steps in order to save the flow” message replaced with alert. It shows in case of non-configured components in a flow.

Other Stuff

So, now the API call is made immediately after you’ve clicked start/stop. Obviously, this improvement boosts “reaction” time. Additionally, we reduced latency between message emitted in first step by scheduler or Webhooks, and the actual pod start.

To change metadata add the following attributes to POST /v2/tenants and PATCH /v2/tenants:

      "description":"I am a description",
      "author":"Acme Corporation"