Version 3.18.0 is full of new stuff!


You can now enjoy a better, more convenient UI navigation:

The Quick Help button opens a menu, which allows you to visit our product documentation page, or open a support chat:

The button with your initials opens your profile menu, where you can manage profile and SSH keys:

What’s even better, you can now enjoy breadcrumbs navigation:

All in all, we improved the navigation to make it more intuitive. For example, you can now go directly to Flow Designer from Flow execution page. Also you can now see the mappings of a read-only Flow without the need to create a draft.

Additionally, you can now multiselect options in certain components, as we added MultiSelectView class for component fields. Details here.

IMPORTANT: As of version 3.19.0, your company logo will be moved to the navigation panel. For proper display, please make sure that your logo complies with the following requirements:

  • Logo size = 40x40 pixels

  • Logo format - .PNG or .SVG


This is important. There is now custom_links instead of links.documentation in Tenant. Check out the details here.

List Of Former Bugs

  • Scrolling now works properly on Profile menu.

  • handlebars mapper type for Debug task is officially gone, and won’t confuse you anymore.

  • Flows overview page does not automatically set the user filter when you are navigating to the page with the query parameter in URL

Frontend stuff

To use the new viewClass you need to add the class to component.json file, as “viewClass”:”MultiSelectView” for certain field. Then you can select multiple items on the Frontend. Values will be passed in the configuration as an array.


"triggers": {
    "getPetsByStatusWithGenerators": {
      "main": "./lib/triggers/getPetsByStatusWithGenerators.js",
      "type": "polling",
      "title": "Get Pets By Status With Generators",
      "fields": {
        "status": {
          "label": "Pet Status",
          "required": true,
          "viewClass": "MultiSelectView",
          "model": {
            "available": "Available",
            "pending": "Pending",
            "sold": "Sold"
          "prompt": "Select Pet Status"

Other Stuff

We introduced custom_links field for Tenant, with the following format:

      "url": "",
      "title": "Documentation",
      "icon": "description",
      "custom_class": "custom_class"
Parameter Required Description
url yes Link URL
title yes Link text
icon no Icon name from material-icons
custom_class no Class added to <a> tag

NOTE: links.documentation is deprecated from now on. Support of links.documentation will be removed from the Platform in 3.23.0 release. Please be sure to PATCH your tenant with "links": null and move links.documentation to custom_links.