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Version 3.20.0 is full of new stuff!


There is the new page with quota usages on the Navigation Panel, section Contract Settings:


You can now export a Flow to a Recipe via the following API endpoint:

POST /v2/flows/:flow_id/export-to-recipe/

Find more info about it here.

To list all available Recipes, use the GET /v2/recipes endpoint. For the first iteration (until private/public Recipes will be introduced) the URL should contain the contract_id: /v2/recipes?contract_id=. You can read more about it here.

We changed the structure of POST/PATCH /v2/recipes, and the response structure of GET /v2/recipes. Check this section for details.

IMPORTANT: Recipes are still beta, so we don’t recommend using them with critical data or production.


There are new endpoints you can use to see quota statistics for all Workspaces in your Contract. Additionally, there are endpoints for per-Flow and per-Workspace resource usage control, and Workspace or Contract usage history display. See details here.

Also, you can now use &ref in JSONschema. However, reference by $id is still not supported.

List Of Fixed Bugs

  • Now POST,PUT,PATCH,DELETE /v2/flows/:id/draft are only allowed with WORKSPACE.FLOW.EDIT permission.

  • Component data sample maximum provision time before timeout is 1 minute now.

  • Also, we fixed the issue with wrong URL in the developer team invitation letter.

Technical Details
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Other Stuff

Quota statistics endpoints:

GET /v2/quotas/per_workspace_mem_usage_monthly_limit/tenantId.contractId.workspaceId/find_the_most_specific_limit=true

GET /v2/quotas/per_workspace_cpu_usage_monthly_limit/tenantId.contractId.workspaceId/?find_the_most_specific_limit=true

GET /v2/quota-usages/workspaces/workspaceId?period=week

GET /v2/quota-usages/workspaces/workspaceId?period=2019-09

Per-Flow resource usage, for Workspace members only:

GET /v2/quota-usages/workspaces/{WORKSPACE_ID}/flows?period=week (see details here)

Per-Workspace limits, available to users with CONTRACT.EDIT_WORKSPACE_LIMITS permission:

PUT /v2/quotas/:quota_type/:limit_context

Contract and Workspace usage history:

GET /v2/quota-usages/contracts/:id/history?from=yyyy-mm-dd&to=yyyy-mm-dd

GET /v2/quota-usages/workspaces/:id/history?from=yyyy-mm-dd&to=yyyy-mm-dd