OAuth Callback redirect URL

Our Callback URL: https://app.elastic.io/callback/oauth2

This document gives the guidelines on configuring your own OAuth App in case when elastic.io platform is run on different/dedicated tenant. Why would one need to do this?

When your created app needs to use a Callback URL for the authentication purposes then the URL structure should be of the following structure:

https://your-tenant-address + /callback/oauth + 2 or 1 depending on the particular OAuth version. This structure completely conforms with the (IETF) The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework.

The full constructed example would be : https://your-tenant-address/callback/oauth2.

Any component which runs the authentication through the OAuth is set by default to use elastic.io main Callback redirect URL structure. For example https://app.elastic.io/callback/oauth2 is the URL for our OAuth2. This means the authorisation process would not be successful if the same app is deployed into a different tenant (i.e. different base URL).

Care must be made to create and configure your own OAuth app and to provide the specifically created OAuth keys as env vars. For more information please read our articles about environment variables.