Requesting a Local Agent

This document is about the deprecated (from 20.31 release) local agents. Please use our new VPN agents instead.

This article describes how to request a local agent for running it in your own resource using a Virtualization Machine (VM). Before requesting a local agent check if your intended host machine has a compatible operating system and VM installation and enough system resources to run the VM and the processes on it.

Compatible Operating Systems

The local agent can run on the following OS/Virtualization combination:

System Requirements

The local agent runs in the Virtual Machine (VM), which requires the following base resources to operate:

Resource Required Amount Description
RAM 2 CPU and 2 GB Extendable up to 100 GB, depending on the usage
HD Space > 6 GB Size of extracted VM files after the first run

When we start an integration step on the local agent, it will start consuming more resources. To estimate the necessary resources and determine the feasibility of your operations use the following calculations:

Step vCPU RAM HD Space
1 step 0.1 256 MB 1 GB
20 steps ~2 ~5 GB ~20 GB

The values listed in the above table are exclusive of the initial requirements which are necessary for running the VM itself. Meaning, to run one integration step in your VM you would in average need 1 GB + 2 GB = 3 GB RAM. Please consider these values before installing and running the local agent on your own PC.

Requesting Local Agent

Here we assume you have checked and understood all the prior requirements for installing and running a local agent on your own resource.

To request a local agent open the (burger) menu and click on Agents menu item to load agents page as it is shown on the screenshot below.

local agents page

Click on + Request an agent to start filling the necessary information for the local agent.

local agents filling info

The illustration above shows the local agent requesting steps:

  1. Name your local agent,
  2. Provide the description of your agent,
  3. Wait for the activation.

Your requested agent has status as pending. If local agents have been requested and used by your colleagues you might see other agents with different statuses when you visit the Agents page. See next section for more information.

Local Agent Statuses

Local Agents can have 3 different statuses:

  • online : shown with a green dot - agent is online and operational.
  • offline: shown with a red dot - agent is ready but not started yet or agent is down for maintenance.
  • pending: shown with a grey dot - we are preparing the agent for you.

The screenshot below shows these different statuses in one page.

Agents with different statuses