New Logs Page

You can now see all the logs from one workspace on the dedicated logs page, located near the executions page in analyze section of the navigational menu: Logs Page link

While the most important logs are seen on the executions page, we decided no to spam you with everything else, and created a special page for all the logs. The new page lists all the logs for all the flows in the current workspace. Here you can filter the list by flow name, time, log level or use in-built search to find the logs you were looking for. For more details check our logs page.

As a back-end to the logs page we are introducing a new API endpoint (still experimental) to request the same logs in the workspace. More about that in the Retrieve logs API endpoint section.

New Mapper further improvements

You can now switch between Integrator & Developer modes in the new mapper without losing any data that you have entered. However, if the root of the JSONata expression is a function, switching to Integrator mode is not possible since the Integrator mode has no functions support.

Disable passthrough

For components, which use sailor version 2.6.0 and higher, you can now disable passthrough during the flow creation/editing via the UI: Disable Passthrough.

OAuth2 for REST API component

Now you can use OAuth2 authentication method with the REST API component. Select OAuth2 as credential type. There are four mandatory fields (client_Id, client_secret, auth_uri, token_uri) and two optional (scopes and additional parameters).

List Of Fixed Bugs

  • FIXED: When your component descriptor (component.json) had an empty triggers object it would have appeared in the triggers selection during the flow design but not usable at all. Now we will not show that empty trigger of yours, you are welcome.
  • FIXED: When working in the Developer mode of the mapper, while inputting a data you refreshed the screen or your browser session had expired, the data would have been lost. Now your data is saved while you type.

Retrieve all Workspace logs

As a back-end to the logs page we have a new, still experimental API endpoint v2/logs. You can use this endpoint to request the same logs you see in the new logs page.

Here is the list of filters you can use with v2/logs endpoint:

  • workspace_id(required) - The Workspace identifier
  • flow_ids[] - Flow identifier
  • from - Start Date of the period in ISO 8601 format (2020-01-12T14:50:42.215Z)
  • to - End Date of the period in ISO 8601 format (2020-01-14T15:00:45.000Z)
  • search - String to search in logs (searching string is wrapped by tag)
  • offset - Number of items to skip from the beginning (defaults to 0)
  • limit - Number of items to return (defaults is 100)
  • levels[] - The logs level (1 - None, 10 - trace, 20 - debug, 30 - info, 40 - warn, 50 - error, 60 - fatal)

For more information about the endpoint visit our API reference documentation.