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Marketo component

Marketo component

A marketing automation component focused on account-based marketing.


Marketo is a marketing automation platform focused on account-based marketing, including email, mobile, social, digital ads, web management and analytics.


Marketo provides instructions to grant API access under the section Getting Started. The following permissions are required for the role:

  • Access API.Read-Only Activity -> For all polling tasks and for verifying credentials
  • Access API.Read-Only Lead -> For GetLeadsPolling

Environment variables

Name Mandatory Description Values
LOG_LEVEL false Controls logger level trace, debug, info, warning, error
SWAGGER_URL false Define url to Marketo swagger document for generation correct metadata
BULK_IMPORT_POLLING_TIMEOUT false Timeout for polling bulk import job status in ms 60000


  • Client Id

  • Client Secret

  • Endpoint URL Url of your endpoint. For example

  • Identity URL Url of your identity. For example

First two items you can find here:

Rest API serviceand no permissions service

Other two here:

Endpoint and Identity

Once these values have been collected, they can be entered in the account information

Technical Notes

The technical notes page gives some technical details about AWS-S3 component like changelog and completeness matrix.


  1. Get New Activities Polling
    Trigger to get all new and updated activities since last polling.

  2. Get New Leads Polling
    Trigger to get all leads updates. Only updated leads fields wold be retrieved.

  3. Poll Bulk Extract Results
    Poll Bulk Extract Results and download file with extracted data to attachments.


  1. Describe Object
    Get describe Object metadata.

  2. List Custom Objects
    Action will return a list of custom objects available in the destination instance, along with additional metadata about the objects.

  3. Lookup Objects
    Lookup objects by criteria.

  4. Lookup Activities
    Lookup Activities by criteria.

  5. Bulk Import
    Action for insertion of large sets of person and person related data.

  6. Upsert Objects
    Action upsert objects by unique criteria.

  7. Bulk Extract
    Extract file with Requested data to attachments.

  8. Delete Object by Unique Criteria
    Delete Object By Unique Criteria.

  9. Lookup Object (at most 1)
    Lookup Object By Unique Criteria.

Known limitations

  1. See REST API limitations
  2. We recommend to set flow to realtime if total execution time is greater than 60 seconds.
  3. The attachments mechanism does not work with Local Agent Installation.