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Microsoft Dynamics CRM component

Microsoft Dynamics CRM component

A customer relations management tool developed by Microsoft.

Connects to Products in the Microsoft Dynamics/NAV Family Via the OData API which use Authorization grant.

Latest changelog

1.1.0 - March 18, 2018

  • Initial release of OIH standardized component

To see the full changelog please use the following link.

Dynamics Remarks

See Dynamics Crm Remarks.


See how to configure an OData App for Dynamics On Azure Active Directory for details on this process.


Get Objects Polling

Get objects which have recently been modified or created.

All Objects Programmatically Detectable Covered. Time range options not supported, Standardized isNew,createdOn and modifiedOn not included in output.


Lookup Object by Field(s)

Given a set of criteria which matches exactly one record, find that matching record.

All Objects Programmatically Detectable Covered. Requires a sample object to exist to infer schema. Shows all fields, not just unique fields. Does not necessarily understand type for field.

Upsert Object By ID

Update an existing entry if the id provided. Otherwise create a new entry.

All Objects Programmatically Detectable Covered. Requires a sample object to exist to infer schema. Does not inform following components if new.

Legacy Behavior

See the legacy behavior for details.

Configuration Info

Required environment variables

EIO_REQUIRED_RAM_MB must be set to 512. This is because the metadata file for the service is large enough that it requires additional RAM to be parsed.

For the local testing (e.g. spec-integration) the following environment variables are required:


Version and compatibility information

This component interacts with OData version 4. It has been tested with:

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Server version: (DB
Client version (Last Commit Version): 1.2.24-180302-013059
Build Timestamp: 3/1/2018 5:41:10 PM