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SFTP component

General Information

Description and Purpose

This component creates a connection to an SFTP server to read and upload files.


User Name

Username for SFTP server


Password for SFTP server


Host name of SFTP server


Optional, port of SFTP server. Defaults to 22 if not set.




The following configuration fields are available:

  • Directory: The directory of the files to read from.
  • Pattern: Optional regex pattern for file names. If no pattern is given, no matching is done.

After a file is found:

  • It is moved to the (hidden) directory .elasticio_processed
  • It is pulled and uploaded (streamed) to the attachment storage (a.k.a. steward)
  • After the upload, the READ-URL of the file will be used to generate a message with content like below:
  "id": "5e00ca80-f2a3-11e6-9fdd-e7b75b43e28b",
  "attachments": {
    "large.xml": {
      "url": ""
  "body": {
    "filename": "large.xml",
    "size": 2508908

The next component may read from url in attachments for a memory-efficient way to read/parse data. Please note that if multiple files are found, SFTP component will generate one message per file.

Note: you may need to consider cleaning up the .elasticio_processed directory manually



The following configuration fields are available: |* Directory: The directory where the file will be uploaded to.

Note: if the directory does not exist, it will create it at the risk of possibly overwriting any files that may have the same name.

Known limitations

  • The maximum file size accepted by the SFTP component is limited to 100 MiB (Mebibytes)
  • The attachments mechanism does not work with Local Agent Installation

The SFTP component uses ssh2-sftp-client.