Platform Behavior

This document provides information on the peculiarities of the Platform behavior, including Flow suspension and stopping, different Platform limits and common errors.

Flow Suspended vs. Stopped

If a Flow gets 5 errors in 5 minutes, it is going to be suspended. Suspension is more of a pause, than a stop. All non-processed messages in a suspended Flow are saved in RabbitMQ queue for 14 days. Then they get dropped if the user did not fix the issues and did not resume the Flow. In limited workspaces, Flows are stopped instead of being suspended. A stopped Flow doesn’t save any non-processed messages - everything is dropped. You can stop a Flow manually by pressing the Stop button. Please, keep in mind that stopping a Flow drops all unprocessed messages at the moment of stopping.

Default Limits

The table below contains configurable Platform limits and their default values:

Limit Default value Description
Sample retrieval timeout 1 minute If debug sample is not received within this time limit, it will be terminated.
Message quantity in RabbitMQ queue 75000 Component gets suspended if RabbitMQ queue stacks more than the set number of messages.
RabbitMQ queue size limit 200 MB Component gets suspended if RabbitMQ queue exceeds the set size.

Platform has set limitations on accepting, processing and exporting attachments. Please check the attachment limitations page for more details.

Common Errors

In general, the Platform is not error-prone, but there are a few issues you may encounter. The most common are:

Component Failed to Start

The reasons for this error may differ. Though the messages still stay safe in intermediate queue, it is better to create a ticket to the platform support as described here.

Component Run Out of Memory

This error appears if the Component exceeds the set memory limit, which is 256 MB by default:

Component Run Out of Memory

You can check Component logs the same way as shown here, to see the exit code for details:

Exit code

In this case, the message can be lost. If you are aware that this scenario is possible in your case, then you can set memory limit to a custom value, more suitable for you. You can also ask Components repository owner to do this.

Syntax Errors

This is not a Platform error per se, but it happens frequently if data is not handled correctly. And your Flows won’t suffer from this issue. Most likely, you will still see the problem in Component logs and be able to fix it. Otherwise, escalate the issue to the platform vendor via support. You can find info on applying for support here.