Product Update - v20.03

Details of the product update v20.03 from 16th of January 2020.


New UI for mapper

Introducing new mapper UI. This feature is still in beta. You can use the switcher in the menu to try it out:

New Mapper switch

New Executions page

Introducing Executions page where all the executions based on processed data are listed. You can access it via the Navigational menu:

Executions page link


Handlebars are not supported any more. You can only use "default_mapper_type":"jsonata" in your integration Flows.

Fixed Bugs

  • FIXED - bug where the + sign in email address would crash API. Not any more.
  • FIXED - bug which prevented pushing the same Component version into two different Tenants using the same repository name.


SAP R3 Component

  • NEW - introducing RFC Server trigger. It is a generic trigger which gives possibility to receive RFC calls from the SAP ECC platform.

List of Upgraded Components

We upgraded 22 components to the latest Sailor version, to take advantage of the new logger, as well as to the new Docker build type:

  • AWS S3 Component
  • Batch Component
  • Component with 3 scheduled executions
  • Configuration Component
  • Content-Based Router Component
  • CSV Component
  • Exact Online Component
  • Filter Component
  • Google Spreadsheets Component
  • Handshake Component
  • Heartbeat Component
  • MailChimp Component
  • Petstore API (Node.js) Component
  • PostgreSQL Component
  • REST API Component
  • Salesforce Component
  • SFTP Component
  • Component
  • Splitter Component
  • Timer Component
  • Transformation Component
  • Zoho Subscriptions Component