Product Update - v21.33

Details of the product update v21.33 from 19th of August 2021.

New Release Schedule

With the 21.33 platform version we are changing the schedule of release notes to every 2 weeks instead of every 4 weeks to synchronise with the release of HELM3 charts. Our commitment to deliver release to our OEM customers every 4 weeks remains unchanged.

Improvements and Updates

Platform software version

Starting from the 21.33 version you can clearly identify the platform software version in the UI and in the header of every authorised API call response.

Please note This is an optional, configurable setup and your tenant administration might choose not to show this information in your case.

On the UI the platform version is shown along with the bottom links of privacy policy, terms of service and Imprint.

The authorised API call response would contain the platform version in the header x-ipaas-platform-version parameter.


We are in middle of constantly improving various aspects of HELM3 deployments in collaborations with our partners. These are updates and improvements done in this round.

Platform version parameter

With introduction of platform software version option we added a new configuration parameter in the HELM3 charts with a default value true (to show on the UI).

PSS deprecation and backward compatibility

With the deprecation of Platform Storage Slugs service we introduce a parameter which you can used to ensure backward compatibility in cases when you wish to keep the attachments longer in your installation.

A standard procedure is to save the attachment for the period of integration flow execution process. This is determined with a parameter STEWARD_ATTACHMENTS_LIFETIME_DAYS which we recommend to set 1 or 2 days. If your system setup has longer periods set for attachments then you must set the PSS_BACKWARD_COMPATIBILITY parameter in the values.yaml of the HELM3 chart to true so your system can use the old attachments created before the deployment of 21.33 platform version.

Please Note We recommend keeping the PSS_BACKWARD_COMPATIBILITY parameter true for the period indicated in your STEWARD_ATTACHMENTS_LIFETIME_DAYS parameter and setting it to false after the indicated period of over.

News in this section are for our customers who use OEM version of the platform.

Deprecation of Platform Storage Slugs

From the platform release 21.33 we are deprecating the Platform Storage Slugs (PSS) service and transferring all attachment and objects storage capabilities to our Maester service. This deprecation would not be felt by the regular users of the platform. All existing endpoints to submit and retrieve attachments will not change. The following change will take affect in the back-end of the platform:

  • The buildType: docker will be the only supported build process. We will enforce it even if it is not explicitly set in the component.json of your component. This will prevent saving the components code as slugs (the old method).
  • Steward service, responsible for working with attachments, will work with the Maester as back-end instead of the PSS.

Please Note Deprecation of PSS service is applicable/relevant for existing on-prem installations of the platform. All new installations from the version 21.33 are not affected.

Improvements for AKS support

With 21.33 release we extended and improved the AKS (Azure k8s) support. In particular:

  • Support for internal load-balancer in AKS run system. To enable set the to "AZURE".
  • Support for log collection in cri and json formats for cases with containered deployments.


Maester component 1.0.1

  • ADDED new nice logo!
  • FIXED bug with Lookup Object action error handling

Salesforce component 2.1.0

  • ADDED new action: Raw Request
  • ADDED new action: Upsert Object
  • DEPRECATED old Upsert Object action
  • UPDATED Get New and Updated Objects Polling trigger:
    • Default size of pages to be fetched changed from 1000 to 10000
    • Restriction maxFetch should be maximum 10000 objects is removed

REST-API component v2 2.0.10

  • FIXED bug with response charset utf-16le

Exact Online Component 1.1.1

  • FIXED tests preventing the deployment
  • UPDATED the nodejs sailor version to 2.6.26

Build fixed for following components: