Product Update - v22.10

Details of the product update v22.10 from 10th of March 2022.

Improvements and Updates

Step designer: Movable divider

The 22.10 platform release introduces further improvement to the step designer. Now you can move or drag the horizontal divider between the step designer and the general flow structure. This way you can adjust your working area according to your preference.

Drag the divider

Password change and user session

When you change or reset your password the system will invalidate all active sessions associated with this user account.

Please Note There can be an issue with active UI sessions. If you can’t open UI pages, clear the browser cookies and try again.

Duplicate sign-in email

When the platform detects duplicate sign-in session for your account it sends an email notifying about it. In this release we improved the text of this email for more clarity.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed the quota calculation mechanism on the UI to render more accurate values based on daily usage.