Product Update - v20.11

Details of the product update v20.11 from 12th of March 2020.


Snapshot Management UI

In the Flow UI you can now view and edit snapshot of the trigger. Snapshot management is accessed via Advanced Settings in Step summary:

Advanced Settings Snapshots

Then you get to snapshot manager itself:

Snapshot Management

Vertical Scaling

You can now use Advanced Settings section in Step Summary tab to configure prefetch.

Note: the changes will be applied after clicking the Finish step button.

Advanced Settings


Errors Retention Policies

There is now a limit that defines the maximum number of errors we list for a Flow. If the limit is reached, no new errors are listed for the given Flow anymore. This new limit will protect you from the “chatterbox” Flows that tend to spam too much.

New MAX_ERROR_RECORDS_COUNT environment variable was added. If the amount of errors per Flow gets higher then MAX_ERROR_RECORDS_COUNT value, we remove old error records and show corresponding notification in UI.

Also, we added a new k8s CronJob remove-excess-error-records. This job is clearing oldest flow error records if they are exceeding limit. The default limit is 1000 records per Flow, and is set by MAX_ERROR_RECORDS_COUNT environment variable.

Toggle File Conversion on Webhook

Automatic conversion of raw XML files on Webhook is toggled in component.json with consumesRawData flag. If true, then Webhook will not convert incoming data to JSON.

Improved UI for RESTClient

Added better tool-tips for mapping modes in the new mapper.

  • Integrator mode:

Integrator mode

  • JSONata mode:

JSONata mode

Tracking Flows Suspension

INTERNAL - Flow Suspended was added to the, so we can better track Flows suspension process.

Step Message Prefetch Count

You can now configure step message prefetch count through the API. We added a new prefetch field as a parameter to nodeConfig section of the /v2/flows endpoint. The mapper-step gets the same prefetch as the previous step.


"attributes": {
        "nodes_config": {
            "step_1": {
                "prefetch": 4

Logs Per Page

The default number of logs displayed per page is 200. You can set this number to: 400, 600, 800 or 1000.

Trigger Emails

New emails are sent in case of events of the following scales:

Developer Team Emails:

  • Removing a member from a Developer Team. Email sent to the removed member.

Contract Emails

  • Contract suspended. Emails sent to all members of the Contract.
  • Removing a member from a contract. Email sent to the removed member.
  • Contract re-activated from suspension. Emails sent to all members of the Contract.
  • Contract removed. Emails sent to all members of the Contract.

Workspace Emails

  • Removing a member from a team. Email sent to the removed member.
  • Workspace removed. Emails sent to all members of the Workspace.

Fixed Bugs

  • FIXED - You now have graceful restart for tasks pod (elasticio-sailor-nodejs@2.6.4 is required).
  • FIXED - OAuth2 Keys without refresh_token are now marked as invalid.
  • FIXED - The following UI rendering bugs:
    • Search property functionality in metadata drop-down of new mapper works properly now.
    • REST-API and Splitter Component fields work properly now.
    • Split Message By Array action works properly in new and old mappers.
    • Arrow-drop-down icon fixed.
    • Search now works properly when you delete entered value.
    • Filtering Logs by Flow name fixed.
    • Retry Error functionality fixed.
    • Fixed Navigational Menu pushing page out of the screen


Batch Component

  • FIXED - bug with verify credentials

Magento2 Component

  • NEW - introducing an action to read and return the store config info
  • NEW - introducing action to add update to Sales Order
  • NEW - introducing action Create Order
  • NEW - added an option to Make RAW Request to not throw errors on 4XX & 5XX responses
  • NEW - added an option to Make RAW request to process an array of requests
  • IMPROVED - extended Lookup Object By ID to allow lookup of Orders By External ID
  • IMPROVED - added an option to Get Objects Polling Trigger for “Time stamp field to poll on”
  • IMPROVED - improved error messaging. HTTP status from now will also be showed along with error message
  • IMPROVED - adding support for Magento v 2.3.4 and removing support for v 2.2.x (as deprecated)

REST-API Component

  • NEW - OAuth2 Keys without refresh_token will now be marked as invalid
  • IMPROVED - credential verification of OAuth2 credentials now checks validity of the refresh_token and emits an error in case it is not valid

Salesforce Component

  • NEW - added Emit All feature for Query/Get New and Updated Objects Polling triggers
  • NEW - added an ability to hydrate linked objects in lookup object action
  • IMPROVED - delete Object Iteration 2 (Delete Object By Unique Criteria)
  • IMPROVED - Lookup Objects ( at most 1 ) now works for date or date-time field types

Splitter Component

  • IMPROVED - Update version of Sailor used by the component