Product Update - v23.31

Details of the product update v23.31 from 1st of August 2023.

New Features

Dashboard Redesign:

The Dashboard is now enhanced to provide a more useful and intuitive selection of information regarding integration flows, executions, and errors. Specifically:

  • Added Ordinary Flows counter - click on the counter to open Flows page with filtered ordinary flows
  • Added Real-time Flows counter - click on the counter to open Flows page with filtered real-time flows
  • Redesigned the current Execution Statistics graph - each day on the graph is clickable and leads users to the corresponding page
  • Added new graph for Container errors - each day on the graph is clickable and leads users to the corresponding page
  • Transferred the Workspace Quota Usage graph from the Quota page

Quota Usage

Clicking the workspace name in the Workspace Memory Usage list on the Current Month Quota page will now redirect the user to the corresponding workspace’s Dashboard. Quota

Transfer modal windows to the new styles:

  • Flow Designer UI changes: Configuration screens for the Content-Based Router are changed to React and now Users can map values from previous steps for evaluation.


New version of Sailor-JVM 4.0.1

In a new Sailor version we have replaced jakarta.json with org.eclipse.parsson.


LOOKOUT_PROCESS_DATA was introduced to disable Runlog for the dashboard. After redesigning the Dashboard page, this env var does not do anything on the frontend, since runlog is not on the new dashboard.

We’ve removed this env var from the frontend completely, and removed it from lookout by making it run as if this env var is set to “false”.

Change elasticsearch index config:

The search function is now more user-friendly as it now accepts partial matches (e.g. “test.123” log line previously would match only if a user searched for exact “test.123”, but now both “test” and “123” will match the logline).

Also, we’ve fixed the bug where irrelevant search results appeared due to incorrect configuration of Elasticsearch.

How to apply new changes to the mapping:

  1. Check if the custom mapping template is already installed Send GET http://{ELASTICSEARCH_IP}:9200/_template/exec-custom-mapping

  2. If exec-custom-mapping template already exists If this template includes some additional configuration and mapping - you should include it in the request body as well and then send PUT request

  3. If exec-custom-mapping template does not exist Simply send PUT request

The request for adding or updating the template PUT http://:9200/_template/exec-custom-mapping

    "order": 0,
    "index_patterns": [
    "mappings": {
        "properties": {
            "msg": {
                "analyzer": "simple",
                "type": "text"

After the mapping template is updated, Graylog indices need to be updated as well. The best way is to just wait until they are rotated by Graylog itself (with the default config it should be 15 days). To check that the oldest index has correct mapping - send GET http://:9200/exec_602 (instead of exec_602 put the oldest index from exec index set in Graylog) and find a mapping for msg filed - it should have type and analyzer from the updated custom mapping template.

Fixed Bugs

  • REMOVED the buttons Create Branch, Create Default Branch and Continue in the view flow mode for Content-Based Router.


Freshworks component 1.0.0

  • Initial component release
  • ADDED Make Raw Request action
  • ADDED Upsert Object action
  • ADDED Lookup Object (at most one) action
  • ADDED Lookup Objects (plural) action
  • ADDED Delete Object by ID action

Outlook component 2.0.0

  • BREAKING CHANGE Reworked authentication mechanism - implemented Secrets feature
  • ADDED new action - Send Mail

Batch component 2.0.7

  • ADDED more informative logs
  • FIXED vulnerabilities
  • ADDED batching-library functionality implemented as an internal client
  • UPDATED to Node version 18
  • ADDED unit tests

IPaas Core component 1.5.2

  • FIXED credential verification

MongoDB component 1.5.12

  • ADDED ability to use ObjectId in following actions:
    • Lookup By Unique Criteria
    • Update Many
    • Upsert By Unique Criteria
  • ADDED unit tests

Google Spreadsheets component v2 1.0.3

  • UPDATED Sailor version to 2.7.1
  • FIXED issue when a component doesn’t read Number of retries and Max number of calls per second from credentials configuration

Dun-and-bradstreet component 1.0.6

  • UPDATED Sailor to 4.0.1

JDBC component 2.5.7

  • UPDATED Sailor to 4.0.1

Petstore-java component 1.0.7

  • FIXED component fails with old Sailor
  • UPDATED Sailor to 4.0.1