Product Update - v21.49

Details of the product update v21.49 from 9th of December 2021.


New design for Flows page

As we announced in the release 21.47, we are ready to present you a new even more understandable and intuitive design for Flows page. We are trying to unify our platform design. The first improvements are more convenient filtering and an easier way to edit a flow. Now you just need to click on “Edit” button and you are automatically redirect to the Flow Designer page with already created draft (Note: if a draft for a flow already exists, it will not be overwritten). We added the “Stop” button for the flow in suspended state. So you have the option to resume the flow and keep the messages in queues, or stop the flow and clear the queues. Here you can see what changes have been made:

New Flows Card

Picture shows the flow card changes.

We also improved flow card menu:

New Flows Card with menu

Picture shows the flow card menu changes.

For more informations on flow management please visit our documentation page.

New step configuring panel design

We decided to make some flow step configuring panel design changes. Now the step configuration menu is fixed under the flow panel, and it will also be tied to the specific step that you are editing. This will be especially useful in the case of “wide” flows, where you will always see exactly the step that you are configuring.

New flow Slide Out design

Improvements and Updates

UI performance on the flow designer page

In order to speed up the work of the flow draft page, we decided to improve a caching system. We added if-none-match by default header to the API proxy mechanism to improve responses caching on the client-side.

For more informations on if-none-match header visit this page


We constantly improve different aspects of HELM3 deployments in collaborations with our partners. This section lists updates and improvements done in this round.

Tag api-docs with platform version

We removed global.apiDocsImage from the helm values and set platform version for api-docs image.

From now you don’t need to specify manually api-docs image commit hash in k8s-clusters. When you deploy any platform version you can be sure that api-docs corresponds to a given platform release.


Git-protocol Component 1.0.1

  • UPDATED ‘Public SSH Key’ and ‘Passphrase’ fields type to PasswordFieldView
  • UPDATED Reduced the size of component icon file

Zoho Crm Component 1.3.0

  • ADDED Added support for Attachments in:
    • Lookup Object (at most one) action
    • Lookup objects (plural) action
    • Upsert request action
  • UPDATED Reduced the size of component icon file

Splitter Component 1.4.0

  • UPDATED Re-assembled message action
  • UPDATED Sailor version to 2.6.26

Salesforce v2 Component 2.2.1

  • FIXED output metadata for Get New and Updated Objects Polling trigger and Lookup Objects action

Shopify Component 1.4.4

  • FIXED output metadata for Lookup Objects action

Sailor update for following components (sailor-nodejs up to 2.6.26 and sailor-jvm up to 3.3.6). Some of them have reduced the file size of the component icon: