Product Update - v23.08

Details of the product update v23.08 from 27th of February 2023.


Configurable Recipe Use for Contracts

As a continuation of the updates introduced in Release 23.06, we have added new features in recipe management. This feature allows Tenant Admins to control which users are allowed to create/edit Recipes (by default, all users can use the recipes feature). You can set it up with a new permission tenants.contract.edit_feature_flags - allow to set the feature flags for Contract.

In this regard, POST and PATCH v2/contracts endpoins were changed - added an ability to set the feature flags for Contract.

Please Note: this permission belongs to tenant admins by default.

Here you can see an example of a request body:

  "data": {
    "type": "contract",
    "attributes": {
      "name": "Contract name",
      "available_roles": [
          "scope": "contracts",
          "role": "admin"
      "flow_stats_enabled_default": true,
      "support_user_id": "5b4f337bff4304610483ba67",
      "custom_data": {
        "description": "Contract description"
      "feature_flags": {
        "disable_recipe_feature": true

Please Note: “disable_recipe_feature” set to “false” be default.

Extend the UI view class RESTAPIView with the application/x-ndjson

We transformed “Content type” dropdown on the “Body” tab of the REST API v2 component to a text field with a dropdown of a hints:

Export Recipe

  • the hints appear when your cursor is over the field and list reacts when you enter characters into the text field.
  • you can choose an item from the hints dropdown
  • if no existing entries meet your needs, you can enter your custom content type and save it
  • we validate Content-type header according to list of all the official MIME types.

Reducing the refresh time of auth-secrets

We now refresh auth-secret tokens closer to the token expiry. This change to 30 seconds before expiry (it used to be 60 seconds) is because various external APIs do not allow refreshes 1 minute before expiry (as example, ExactOnline) don’t allow to refresh secret very early.


We continue to work towards the recipes feature. In this release we have changed the text in context menu and modals for managing recipe’s deployments in the next way:

  • “Delete” to “Unlink”
  • “Delete With Flows” to “Unlink and Delete Flows”


We constantly improve different aspects of HELM3 deployments in collaboration with our partners. This section lists updates and improvements included in this release.

New HElM enviroment variable

We are introducing a new HELM enviroment variable RECIPES_FEATURE_DISABLED - it controls whether users are allowed to create/edit Recipes. Set to “false” by default.

Fixed Bugs

  • FIXED bug, where by changing contract the large, serif text is visible at top let of screen if your internet connection is slow.

  • FIXED bug, where jQuery on the login page was missing

  • FIXED bug with caching of Plytix component page.

  • FIXED bug with Infobip custom JAVA component. The sailor-jvm 4.0.0 is published.

    Backward incompatible changes. Replaced javax.json with org.glassfish:jakarta.json:1.1.6


Code component 1.2.10

  • FIXED vulnerabilities in dependencies

Microsoft Dynamics CRM v2 component 1.2.1

  • FIXED input and output metadata for Upsert Object Action

Shopify Admin V2 component 2.1.0

  • ADDED Get New and Updated Objects Polling Trigger
  • ADDED Execute mutation Action
  • ADDED Lookup Object By ID Action
  • ADDED Lookup Objects (plural) Action

Microsoft Azure AD Component 1.0.0

  • ADDED Make Raw Request Action