Product Update - v24.05

Details of the product update v24.05 from the 1st of February 2024.

New Features

Enhanced Session Management

Users gain enhanced control over their sessions with the ability to manage and delete them. The system now retains the IP address and user agent information for each session, providing users with valuable insights into their account activity.

To access these features, simply navigate to the Profile page and utilize the Manage sessions section, where you can view all current sessions and efficiently delete any unwanted sessions, offering a more personalized and secure user experience.

Manage Sessions

Handle large data samples on UI

The platform will generate JSON schema instead of JSON for large data samples (>512 Kb) and generate the JSON sample from schema. The user will receive a warning notification about it.

Warnin Message

Fixed Bugs

  • FIXED UI for the Workspace page for the Safari browser
  • FIXED the attributes.declarations.variables[] on the Recipe activation page
  • FIXED Missing tooltips in objects for the input metadata


Gemini Component 1.0.0

  • Initial component release
  • ADDED Generate Content Action

Notion Component 1.0.0

  • Initial component release
  • ADDED Make Raw Request Action
  • ADDED Upsert Object Action

Shopify Admin Component v2 2.2.1

  • FIXED Error Cannot read properties of null (reading 'map') in Lookup Objects (plural) Action

Google PubSub Component 1.8.0

  • ADDED New Subscribe Trigger (the old trigger is set as deprecated)
  • FIXED Dependencies