Product Update - v22.08

Details of the product update v22.08 from 28th of February 2022.

Improvements and Updates

Step designer: Summary page

After introduction of the new flow step designer with the last release, we continue our efforts to improve the user experience. This week we present an improvement to the summary page. Now you have the component version and used function listed along the credential and component name.

Summary page improvements

Additional fields in OAuth2 type secret

You can now add additional fields along with the main OAuth2 type secret. To use you must add additional fields into the credentials section of the component.json together with the oauth field. For example:

    "name": "Component Name",
    "authClientTypes": ["oauth2"],
    "credentials": {
        "fields": {
            "oauth": {
                "label": "Authentication",
                "viewClass": "OAuthFieldView",
                "required": true
            "base_url": {
                "label": "Base URL",
                "viewClass": "TextView",
                "required": true

This will render an additional field called Base URL along with other OAuth2 fields.

Additional field rendered on UI

You can also use the API call to save the credential (auth-secret) with the additional fields.

Please Note this additional field will only works with the oauth credential type containing the OAuthFieldView viewClass.

Hashing algorithm for storing credential

With 22.08 release the platform will start using bcript (instead of SHA-512) to encrypt passwords before storing them into the DB. This would mean:

  • The platform will use bcript to encrypt passwords of all new registered users.
  • Passwords for all existing users will be encrypted by bcript upon their next successful login or password change.
  • This transition is not backwards compatible. Meaning if the release is rolled-back you would need to reset your password to login.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the UI bug when an error message remains after the cancellation of invalid changes to topic.
  • Addressed a problem when the flow data was not refreshed after publishing a draft and returning to the Flows Page.
  • Fixed the problem when the platform would give an error in case when webhook-type component credentials would not have auth field defined. Now the field is ignored and credentials shown.


Code component 1.2.7

REVERTED Node engine from "node": ">=12.13.0" to "node": "12.20.0"

Vtex component

  • ADDED:
  • Upsert Object Action
  • Lookup Objects (Plural) Action

Bigcommerce component

  • FIXED: output metadata in some actions

Mercado Pago component

  • ADDED:
  • Get New and Updated Objects Trigger
  • Make Raw Request Action
  • Lookup Object (at Most 1) Action

CSV component

  • ADDED new Emit Behavior option: Emit Batch