Product Update - v21.02

Details of the product update v21.02 from 14th of January 2021.


Hidden component deprecated functions

To streamline the user experience while building integration flows, we introduce a separation between component active and deprecated functions. From now on all deprecated functions will be listed under Deprecated Functions menu which will be hidden/closed by default. Here is an example of Functions tab in Database component where the Deprecated Functions menu is open:

Deprecated Functions

We have also improved the look and feel of the radio selectors in general.

Improvements and Updates

In this release we continued to streamline and improve the platform UI pages. For example viewing and editing JSON objects while in integrator mode is now more comfortable.

verifyCredentials errors

We improve the rendering of errors while component credential verification fails. If the component code reports an error, this will be shown in the credential UI as it is.

Node.js Sailor updates

With this release we continue improvements of the Node.js Sailor, the base library used to compile any Node.js based component code during the platform deployments.

Node.js Sailor version 2.6.22 is introduced to enable keep-alive for the global HTTP agent. This release provides a remedy to limitation of outgoing HTTP connection numbers often imposed by the cloud providers.

Node.js Sailor version 2.6.23 is introduced to prevent retry of the AMQP connection errors in the system. It addresses such errors like “Cannot read property ‘publish’ of undefined”. In general, the AMQP connection errors contain no data which can be used to put back into the message queues to retry.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the problem with unsaved credentials. It is now impossible to select the credential without saving it first. If you fill-in all the required fields and select the credential, then it will be saved.
  • Addressed the problem with the Configuration component credentials during the recipe activation phase.


CSV Component

  • FIXED bug with Write From Array and multiple messages
  • UPDATED dependencies and the Sailor version

Magento2 Component

  • FIXED bugs in the Create Order
    • No need to nest order entries in an item object
    • Fix in metadata for order items
    • Fix in metadata for regions & countries
  • FIXED bugs in the Upsert Customer
    • Fix logic for regions & countries
    • Countries can now be identified by two letter ISO code, three letter ISO code or by name.
    • Regions can now be identified by ISO code or name.
    • Respond to removed JSON schema reference hosted by Magento docs.
    • Remove empty string from list of gender options.
  • UPDATED dependencies and the Sailor version

Sailor version update in bulk

As a part of the component code audit for a possibility of sensitive data exposing we checked and updated the following component codes and the dependencies: