Product Update - v23.39

Details of the product update v23.39 from 28nd of September 2023.

New Features

Open Credentials, Configuration, Mapping and Sample sections on the full screen

We have added an expand window feature (square symbol) at the end of each indicated section to allow the user to open the required section to the full screen.


Included descriptor for GET flow by id

GET v2/flows/:id now accept query parameter include with values flow-containers, descriptor.


Flow triggerer improvements

  • IMPROVED queues-reader service
  • REDUCED load to MongoDB

Remove deprecated exec pages from the subscription to error emails

Now once the customer subscribes to flows error the link in the letter will redirect to the corresponding thread for component errors and the corresponding container for container errors.

Use separate node pool for one-time-execs

To speed up the time response during step configuration we added a separate node pool for one-time executions.

  • Create new envar KUBERNETES_ONETIME_EXEC_LABEL_VALUE: ‘one-time’ Run one-time executions on separate node pool

  • The default node pool for one time exec is ordinary. To change it - create a separate node pool with kubernetes labels: elasticio-role: <lablel> One-Time Executions

Change the deployment-handler env var KUBERNETES_ONETIME_EXEC_LABEL_VALUE to <label>

Health-check service for flow steps

Introduced significant enhancements, including improved step queue state retrieval from RabbitMQ, flow verification and Sailor versions mechanism checks, error notifications from the exporter API and health-check endpoint.

Other improvements

  • CHANGED API response metadata for requests to /v2/tenants/:tenantId/certificates. API DOCS have been updated.

Fixed Bugs

  • UPGRADED HAProxy and Redis-cluster Helm charts to fix CVE-2023-2650 vulnerability.
  • ADDED Workspace is locked page to Dashboard
  • FIXED bug when unsynced taskErrorRecordsCount and taskStatError would lead to the removal of all taskStatErrors
    • ADDED the mechanism for syncing taskErrorRecordsCount and taskStatError when the unsynchronization occurs
  • FIXED bug where the deleted credentials prevent stopping flow by the Flow State Handler


Facebook component 1.0.0

  • Initial component release
  • ADDED Make Raw Request Action

Gmail component 1.0.0

  • Initial component release
  • ADDED Make Raw Request Action
  • ADDED Send Email Action
  • ADDED Search emails Action
  • ADDED Get Email by ID Action
  • ADDED Delete Email By ID Action
  • ADDED Get New Emails Trigger

ChannelEngine component 1.0.0

  • Initial component release
  • ADDED Make Raw Request Action
  • ADDED Make API call Action

Freshworks component 1.1.0

  • ADDED Get New and Updated Objects Polling Trigger

Outlook component 2.1.0

  • ADDED checkbox Get Attachment to Poll for New Mail Trigger
  • ADDED metadata field Attachments to Send Mail Action