Product Update - v22.44

Details of the product update v22.44 from 3rd of November 2022.


COMING SOON - Improved Recipes and Embedding

In this release we make available a number of new API features that will soon enable an upgrade of our Recipes functionality and embedding credential addition steps in 3rd party platforms.

These new features will be limited to Tenant users and will enable:

  • More scalable ways to create integration Recipes
  • More automation of recipe deployment
  • Simple updates of recipes and deployment of changes to flows deployed from that recipe
  • Addition of credentials to deployed flows

Together these features will make it much easier for our clients to offer and automatically deploy integration solutions without their clients leaving their platform, App or website. Interested to learn more or you would like a demonstration? Contact our sales department.


Component repositories: New design & improved functionality

In this release we update the UI of the Component repository pages. When you navigate to Developer Teams on the side menu and then select a Component repository you will notice the new design.

Component repositories: New design Inside

From each component repository page you can navigate to the environment variables page where you can add new, change, or delete the existing environment variables for the component:

Component repositories: environment variables


We constantly improve different aspects of HELM3 deployments in collaboration with our partners. This section lists updates and improvements included in this release.

RabbitMQ HAProxy in kubernetes cluster

The HAProxy for RabbitMQ cluster will now run as a separate service in the platform kubernetes cluster instead of as a single virtual machine. This enables high-availability and scalability by running the service in a replica set.

To run the HAProxy for the RabbitMQ cluster, change the following parameters in the HELM3 charts:

  • Update all HELM3 variables pointing to HAProxy VM to haproxy-service.platform.svc.cluster.local.
  • Introduce a new HELM3 configuration file haproxy.yaml with the following content:
        rabbitmq: ""
        rabbitmq-2: ""

    Where rabbitmq and rabbitmq-2 parameters must match the RabbitMQ cluster VM names and values to their VM IP addresses.

Please Note: You must first deploy the HAProxy chart before the platform version deployment.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed the user interface bug when flow status changes were not reflected on the flows page.
  • Addressed the problem when removing the user from the workspace or contract would take more than 4 minutes. Now the process takes less than a second.
  • Fixed the bug when API would return 5xx error when you use a space in the repository name while creating a component repository. Now the UI will disable the save button and show en error message Repository name contains invalid characters. Letters, digits, - and _ are allowed only
  • Addressed the bug when identity keys page (SSH Keys) would not load when a key was previously saved without a title. The title is now a required field.
    • You must provide an SSH Key title to save the key.
    • The system will also attempt to use the user title if present in the SSH Key body.


Simple-trigger component 1.1.7

  • UPDATED the Sailor library version to 2.7.1

WebHook component 1.2.12

  • UPDATED the Sailor library version to 2.7.1

Splitter component 1.4.3

  • UPDATED the Sailor library version to 2.7.1

Email component 1.2.3

  • UPDATED the Sailor library version to 2.7.1

JSONata Transformation component 1.0.12

  • UPDATED the Sailor library version to 2.7.1
  • UPDATED the component-commons library version to 3.1.2 to support JSONata 1.8.6 version