Product Update - v21.43

Details of the product update v21.43 from 28th of October 2021.

Improvements and Updates

The release 21.43 is rather an intermediate release containing multiple behind the scene improvements to the platform installation procedures. These changes and updates are more relevant to our OEM and on-prem customers.


We are in middle of constantly improving various aspects of HELM3 deployments in collaborations with our partners. These are updates and improvements done in this round.

Delete outdated attachments job

Before introduction of Maester service in the platform the attachments were stored using the same service as the platform storage slugs (PSS). To remove these attachments a cron job called remove-outdated-attachments would run and clean these attachments.

With an introduction of Maester and our recent deprecation of the PSS service in favour of the Master for all object type storage, we are removing the remove-outdated-attachments cron job from the HELM3 charts as of 21.43 platform version.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the bug when the newly invited contract member with a permission contracts.workspace.listAll (Admin or Owner roles) would land on a page with a Locked Workspace message in case when he/she was invited into the contract only. Now the user would be offered to create a new workspace instead.
  • Addressed the issue when by pressing the Update All Components button would not create a new draft and still display the old one. Now the existing draft is replaced with a new draft containing the updated component versions.
  • Fixed the bug in UI when searching and choosing a user roles to invite, an HTML code was displayed instead of the role name. Now the role name displays correctly.


MongoDB component 1.5.7

  • UPDATED the node.js sailor version to 2.6.26
  • UPDATED Aggregate action: add allowDiskUse option
  • UPDATED Lookup Plural action: add ability to lookup objects by fields with an ObjectID type

Snowflake Component 1.2.0

  • ADDED Get rows polling trigger

Magento2 Component 1.6.5

  • FIXED Get New and Updated Objects Polling trigger metadata bug