Product Update - v21.45

Details of the product update v21.45 from 11th of November 2021.


Quota for flow number

With 21.45 platform version introduces a quota for flow numbers. This particular quota can limit number of flows per Workspace, Contract or the whole Tenant.

Please Note There will be a roll-out stage for this quota. All existing customers will not be affected as of this moment.

The following rules would apply when the quota is applied to your Workspace:

  • At the moment quota would be applied to only Production workspaces.
  • You can have as many flows as you wish in the Developer (limited) workspaces.
  • You will not be able to add a new flow to the Production workspace if you would exceed the quota for flow count.

The following rules would apply when the quota is applied to your Contract:

  • Only the combined number of flows in the Production workspaces would count towards this quota.
  • If you wish to upgrade the Developer workspace to Production the number of flows in your Developer workspace would be counted towards your Contract’s quota limit. If it exceeds the workspace will not be upgraded to Production unless you reduce the combined number of flows in all your Production workspaces to accommodate the flows from your Developer workspace.
  • If you wish to downgrade your Production workspace to Developer workspace - the quota on flow numbers will be removed.
  • When you wish to export your flows from the Developer workspace to a new flows in the Production workspace it will count towards your quota limit. Otherwise your action will be blocked if you exceed your limit.
  • If you wish to create a flow from a recipe in your Production workspace this will count towards the quota limit. Your flow creation via the recipe activation will be blocked if it exceeds the set limit.

News in this section are for our customers who use OEM version of the platform.

Flow Quotas

With an introduction of flow quota system it is possible to control the combined number of flows in the Production Workspaces throughout the entire Tenant. It would be then the responsibility of the tenant administration to divide the quota within the Contracts and Workspaces accordingly to avoid one Contract affecting others by using excessive amount of resources.

Please Note To apply quota for number of flows you would need a special administrative access credentials like service account or a dedicated quota management account.


Hubspot Component 1.2.0

  • ADDED Lookup Object (at most one)
  • ADDED Upsert

ZOHO CRM Component 1.1.0

  • ADDED Get New and Updated Objects trigger
  • ADDED Upsert action
  • ADDED Lookup object (at most one)
  • ADDED Lookup Set Of Objects By Unique Criteria action

GIT Protocol Component 1.0.0

  • ADDED Create Commit action