Product Update - v23.04

Details of the product update v23.04 from 26th of January 2023.


Embedded Recipe Page: Recipe Credentials Edit

We previously introduced the ability to add new credentials for a deployed recipe via an embedded page in a 3rd-party site or app. Today we introduce the ability to create an embedded page for editing credentials for a single recipe deployment. For this purpose we have created a new API endpoint GET /v2/recipe-deployments/:recipe_deployment_id. This endpoint requires same permissions and scopes as in /v2/recipe/:recipe_id?include=recipe-deployments.

Please visit API Docs for more details on this API endpoint.

For more informaition on Embedded recipe deployment please read this article.

Create/Edit Recipe API-Call

We are introdusing POST /v2/flows/export-to-recipe API Call. With this call you can:

  • export a set of flows to a recipe.
  • update existing recipe with set of new flows.

This new, more powerful endpoint, replaces the old one - POST /v2/flows/${flowId}/export-to-recipe. Please visit API Docs for more details.

Flow Queues improvements

Before, the Flow Queues page displays the components inverted according to the flow graph (e.g if graph contain fork or content-based router) and don’t display the step name, only the number.

Now we render step name on Flow Queues page (like on Flow Designer) and render flow graph at Flow Queues, Runlog Execution, Thread pages in the same way as at Flow Designer page.

Flow Queues

Maximum frequency of flow scheduling changed to 10 minutes

As part of our work to make the platform more robust and tolerant of high loads, we have decreased the maximum frequency of scheduling a flow to start. This default setting ensures that flows will be started more precisely. Even if the flow schedule is defined in the settings page as running every 3 minutes, these flows will now run only every 10 minutes.

Customers wishing to trigger flows more frequently must change the flow to run in Real-time mode.

OEM Fixed bugs

  • FIXED bug, where the TCP connections were inefficiently making requests from our API to Elasticsearch during mass log retrieval. For this purpose we have created a singleton Elasticsearch client that will be used by v2/logs

Fixed bugs

  • FIXED bug, where the flow-queues page would not load directly after a draft-version of a previously published flow was published.

  • FIXED when the Credentials and Recipe page would not load in cases where the user did not have permission to access auth secrets. Now, the UI shows a message with an error.


Shopify Admin V2 component 2.0.0

  • ADDED Make Raw Request Action

AWS SQS component 1.1.1

  • SET Visibility Timeout for Receive Messages Long Polling trigger to SQS server timeout by default

Pimcore component 1.0.0

  • ADDED Raw Request Action