Product Update - v20.19

Details of the product update v20.19 from 7th of May 2020.


Array-to-Array Mapping

You can now map array fields with the graphical UI using “New Mapping Experience”. Mapping process is similar to a mapping of an object field, with few restrictions:

  • You can map properties from only one array throughout array’s children fields
  • JSONata mode is disabled for an array’s children fields

Dynamic Flow Control (Sailor version: 2.6.7 required)

When you retry erroneous messages, they get marked with retry=true header, so lookout doesn’t write data record.

Also, now sailor retries publishing messages to next step infinitely, for those cases when the next queue is overloaded. Retries will happen with exponential back-off. For example, if it starts with retry in 5 seconds, the next will be in 10, then 20, then 40, then 80 seconds, etc. The maximum delay is configurable with an environment variable. By default, there is no limit to retries.

The following variables control the retry process:


Pub-Sub API

You can now use pub-sub topics via the new API endpoints:

  • POST /v2/workspaces/:id/topics - creates a topic in the Workspace, requires WORKSPACE.TOPIC.CREATE permission
  • GET /v2/workspaces/:id/topics - lists topics in the Workspace, requires WORKSPACE.TOPIC.GET permission
  • GET /v2/workspaces/:id/topics/:id - get topic in the Workspace, requires WORKSPACE.TOPIC.GET permission
  • PATCH /v2/workspaces/:id/topics/:id- update topic in the Workspace, requires WORKSPACE.TOPIC.EDIT permission
  • DELETE /v2/workspaces/:id/topics/:id - delete topic in the Workspace, requires WORKSPACE.TOPIC.DELETE permission.

Details can be found here.


Better Component Versions

You will now have the de-facto latest Component version set as default. Previously, the default Component version was Latest, meaning the Platform checked for the latest version. Now there is no automatic check, and the latest version at the point of Flow creation is selected. If you need to set the current version, you should manually select it from the list.

10,000 Log Records Limit Set

The confusing “next” button on the last page of log records list is now disabled. If you hover the cursor on it, you’ll see the new tool-tip that suggests you reduce your results number with filters.

Large Samples Visualization


  • Mapper select items filtering code moved to async worker
  • Mapper select items is now an async operation (async computed in ember)
  • Loader is displayed when filtering takes too long

Fixed Bugs

  • Removed the strange “no notification” message on gitreceiver logs
  • Removed the console error that appeared when you change Component version
  • Letters wiper-flow-suspended-due-to-queue-overflow are sent again
  • Webhooks now don’t insist on Content-Type for webhook POST actions when there is no body in the POST request


Utility Component

  • NEW - introducing action Convert Between Timezones

CSV Component

  • NEW - introducing action write_attachment_from_json
  • NEW - introducing action write_attachment_from_array
  • IMPROVED - added the Steward URL to the body of outgoing message

XML Component

  • IMPROVED - revised JSON to XML action

AppDirect Component

  • FIXED - “Credentials verification fails when Authenticate and then Verify, but not if just Verify” bug

Splitter Component

  • NEW - introducing action Reassemble

Marketo Component

  • NEW - introducing action Describe Object
  • NEW - introducing action List Custom Objects
  • NEW - introducing action Lookup Objects
  • NEW - introducing action Bulk Import
  • NEW - introducing action Bulk Export
  • NEW - introducing action Lookup Activities
  • NEW - introducing action Upsert Objects By Unique Criteria
  • NEW - introducing trigger Get New Activities Polling
  • NEW - introducing trigger Get New Leads Polling

Soap Component Java

  • IMPROVED - Basic-AUTH for reaching out WSDL
  • FIXED - sorting order for configuration fields

Pub-sub Component

This is a new component with the following functions:

  • NEW - introducing trigger Subscriber with a dynamically configurable field for topics. This trigger receives the data of a certain type from a topic as an input to start a new execution of the flow.
  • NEW - introducing action Publisher with a dynamically configurable field for topics. This action published an event of a certain type to topic to be received by loosely coupled subscribers.