Product Update - v22.12

Details of the product update v22.12 from 28th of March 2022.


Automated component deployments

In platform version 22.12 we are releasing the new automated component deployment feature. We introduced the underlying concept with the version 22.04 release at the end of January 2022. Here is the final workflow of the automated component deployments:

  1. A new version (tag) is created in the GitHub component repository and the release is published.
  2. The CircleCI build process uses appbuilder + apprunner images.
  3. A Docker image of the component is built with the tag version and submitted to Dockerhub.
  4. An additional latest version is created in Dockerhub each time the code is updated.
  5. The platform runs a Kubernetes platform job called components-pusher at certain intervals checking the component Dockerhub latest version.
  6. If the version in Dockerhub differs from the existing platform version it pulls a new Docker image and pushes it into the platform docker registry.
  7. A new version of component is released for the platform users and can be selected while designing flows.

Please Note - we determine and set the configuration of platform components-pusher in HELM3 deployment charts. These configurations provide more options for each component. Here we present the typical scenario.

The automated component deployment process works along with the old git-push workflow. You can push components via git receiver as well. The components-pusher will not interfere with your pushed version.

Improvements and Updates

Node.js Sailor version 2.6.27

We released a new version (2.6.27) of the Node.js Sailor library version. This version includes an npm audit to CI and updated dependencies.

UX Improvements: credentials page

To improve the user experience on the credentials page we added the component team and repository name to which this credential belongs. This helps in distinguishing between different deployments of components and in choosing the correct component for credential modification.

Credentials page Improvements

The above images show two different repositories of the same component. The new improvement shows the difference between these two components.


We constantly improve different aspects of HELM3 deployments in collaboration with our partners. This section lists updates and improvements done in this round.

Configure password length and rules

With platform version 22.12 we introduce a new configuration to set the login password length and the requirements. The following variables have been added to HELM3 charts:

  • MIN_PASSWORD_LENGTH - the user password must have at least this number of symbols,
  • MIN_PASSWORD_RULES_MATCHES - number of minimum different character groups (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special symbols) should be matched

Session timeout configuration

To provide more granular control for session timeout and distinguish between idle and absolute timeouts we introduce new configurations and deprecate the COOKIE_MAX_AGE environment variable. The idle and absolute timeouts follow definitions described in the OWASP. We also introduce the HELM3 configuration variables to control values for these new timeouts:

  • SESSION_IDLE_TIMEOUT - default: 24 hours - replaces COOKIE_MAX_AGE,

Fixed bugs

  • Addressed the issue when the “Server error” message would show while navigating through the UI upon the session expiration.
  • Fixed the bug causing the system to erroneously send “New sign-in to your account” emails. The expired sessions were not deleted from the system.
  • Addressed the issue with the “Mapping” configuration field showing up in UI for the trigger functions on components.


With introduction of automated component pusher we change the standardise component build procedures preparing them for components-pusher service. The following component build configurations were changed:

GraphQL component 1.1.1

  • ADDED No Auth, Basic Auth and API Key Auth authentication methods
  • ADDED a new action Raw Request
  • ADDED a new action Configured Request

Shopify admin component 1.5.0

  • ADDED: a new action Update Inventory Level
  • FIXED the output metadata for Get New And Updated Objects Polling trigger

PayPal component 1.0.0

  • ADDED: a new action Make Raw Request

Vtex component 1.2.0

  • ADDED: a new action Lookup Set Of Objects By Unique Criteria